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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

His wedding ring

We received a wedding announcement of a dear friend in the mail this morning.
His fiancee is an artist and she made the card.
It was beautiful
Drawn with ink and then coloured with watercolours that were merely fading clouds.

Just an hour later he called.
If we like it.
"Yep, those who are at home like it. Those who aren't will like it."

I heard he wanted to ask something else, so I asked what he wanted me to do.
Turned out he couldn't decide which wedding rings to buy. He couldn't find the perfect ring for himself.

They both have a celtic background and honor their roots, so I understood immediately what he was talking about.
But I also had the right solution to his problem and presented him the url with even a choice between different mens wedding rings.

I don't think I've ever made someone happy in such a short time over the phone.

Because the shop offered free engraving he decided to have their motto engraved in the rings.

To be able to help him this way made me feel very happy. He's a guy who is always ready to assist others, whether it's driving them to work early in the morning, do the shopping for his old aunt, or do the garden for the neighbours.

Don, I wish you a very happy wedding and the day of days!
With better days to follow, ofcourse.

Your rings come with a lifetime warranty, so no worries about that!


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